Applicable Employment Industries

Our Firm represents clients ranging from the world’s largest multinational corporations to individuals and their family members. We are as adept at working with small and mid-sized companies as we are with colleges and universities. From multinational financial services firms to manufacturers and health care companies – our knowledge of the priorities, needs and challenges of the industries we serve enables us to provide immigration counsel best suited to each client. The broad spectrum of industries we represent are equally diverse and we’ve listed a few here. If you don’t see your industry, please contact us to learn more about how we can help you today.

Academic & Related Non-Profit

In our progressively globalized world, the leading academic and related nonprofit professionals have vast, worldwide options when it comes to the institutions where they want to teach, research, or provide specialized skills. These institutions and organizations—including private and public sector higher education institutions, teaching hospitals, research facilities and national laboratories—must compete for top talent to forward their educational goals, research projects and reputations for excellence.

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Financial Services

As business between borders increases, a vital global financial network is a key underpinning of the world’s economy. As financial services organizations become increasingly multinational, their professionals need to build cross-border relationships and remain accessible to clients well beyond domestic borders.

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Doctor Visa
Health Care

The World Health Organization cautions that by 2035, the world will be short 12.9 million health-care workers. Institutions and facilities are competing for talent within their own countries and across borders, creating imbalances of skilled workers in different regions.

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leisure visa
Hospitality & Leisure

The business sector that houses leisure, hospitality, travel and tourism brings together one of the largest groups of employers in the world. These employers place a high priority on recruiting, training and retaining talented executives, managers, administrators and staff who understand how to meet the diverse needs of their multicultural clientele.

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manufacturing engineer visa

The health and welfare of companies in the manufacturing industry are essential to an effective global economy. Widespread competition for skilled talent and a growing shortage of candidates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math is affecting manufacturing companies around the world, making the need for a strategic and effective immigration program more important than ever.

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Media Immigration
Media & Communications

As leaders in their field, our media and communications clients rely on the steady movement of a multi-faceted, multi-skilled workforce and talented media and communication specialists from any city of the world.

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Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Our team of legal experts, works closely with many of world’s leading companies on pharmaceutical and biotechnology immigration needs and we have a full appreciation of the types of immigration issues faced by the industry.

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professional visa
Professional Services, Law & Consulting

Global Immigration – Edward Rodríguez Law Firm, represents many of the world’s leading professional services firms, including accounting, consulting and law firms. We understand that the global scope of their client projects requires constant movement of employees to support programs around the world, and that the timely movement of key employees plays an important role in the success of their projects.

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sports visa
Sports & Entertainment

Serving as immigration counsel in the area of professional sports requires specific knowledge regarding the immigration benefits available for professional major and minor league athletes and essential support personnel including coaches, among others.

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it visa

Advances in technology evolve at lightning speed, leading to continuous and exponential growth for technology companies. In an industry where creating and owning the “next big idea” could be fundamental to the success of your business, competition is fierce. To attract the best talent from around the world, companies need to know their immigration options for recruits and their existing workforce, and offer mobility packages to attract and retain innovators.

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logistics visa
Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Though there have been many improvements in automation technology and multimodal services, our clients in the transportation, warehousing and logistics industries still manage extremely labor-intensive enterprises. In addition, companies within these closely interactive and related industries are extremely competitive.

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specialty visa
Other Specialty Areas

There is a wide range of specialty areas, where employers seek for the best talent around the globe. We will be happy to talk with you and analize if your professional field applies to immigrate legally.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Edward Rodriguez law firm is literally the best I ever known ... Had immigration problems and called them , they responded with so much eagerness to help. The case lasted 5 years but during those years this firm made my case easy and very calm that at one point I felt I wasn't having immigration problems. One of The secretary of this law firm (Natalie) omg shes the best human I have ever met , whenever she calls me you could feel the passion she has about your case and she tries to help at every possible way now I have my 10 years residency, all thanks to God, natalie and law firm of Edward Rodriguez. As for me and all the people I know we will always patronise Edward Rodriguez law firm no matter the distance.

Javier R. Review from a confirmed client
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He is my lawyer for the last 5 year, He is really good , I recommended for any immigration services, trusted law firm.

Alexandro S. Review from a confirmed client
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The legal services of the law firm of Edward Rodriguez were the key piece to make my process of permanent residence in the United States a success. The legal services of lawyer Rodríguez and his team are very professional and personalized, and demonstrate the extensive experience and knowledge of the area that the lawyer possesses. My husband and I always received a prompt and clear answer to all our questions, and the lawyer always explained clearly all the steps, the actions that his firm was taking in the case, and the things that my husband and I had to do. We are very grateful to the signature of Edward Rodriguez and we highly recommend it.

Leah N. Review from a confirmed client
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The lawyer and his Global Immigration team are very professional in the migration processes they carry, always willing to answer any questions and support any need. My case was approved and I know it was because of the good work they did.

Hector R. Review from a confirmed client
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This lawyer was amazing with helping me with my immigration process. him and his staff were just amazing. Thank you so much for everything . I would highly recommend.

Miriam D. Review from a confirmed client
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Edward Rodriguez was very efficient and helpful throughout the service that I hired him for. Easy to understand and face to face answers.

Brian A. Review from a confirmed client
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Lawyer Rodriguez and his team have been very honest, clear proactive and patient in answering all my concerns and doubts from the beginning of the process. It is certain that at the same time of having my case they have had many more but at no time they stopped communicating or updating me about the progress of my case and I received at all times personalized attention of having any doubt. I recommend lawyer Edward Rodriguez and his team one hundred percent!

Murthy D. Review from a confirmed client
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I'm very pleased with the services provided from Mr. Rodriguez and all his staff. He has always been very attentive and on top of my several immigration processes he has helped me with. He is very knowledgeable, professional, great at following up and always a straight shooter. His staff is always friendly, communicative and willing to help and solve any of my concerns. Would definitely recommend his services, he is my go-to guy for any Immigration concerns.

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