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Employment-based immigration (EB) is the process for becoming a permanent resident of the United States. If you meet certain requirements, you could become a lawful permanent resident through an employer or later if you are a person of extraordinary ability.

• Immigrant worker.
• You have extraordinary skills in science, arts, education, business or sports.
• You are a manager or executive of a multinational company and meet certain criteria. • You are a skilled worker (meaning your employment requires a minimum of 2 years of training or work experience).
• A professional (meaning that your employment requires at least a U.S. baccalaureate degree or its equivalent abroad and you are a member of that profession).
• A non-right-handed worker (meaning you will do non-right-handed work that requires less than 2 years of training or experience.
• National Interest Waiver.

Corporate Services:
Form I-9 Audits
Our immigration firm represents companies facing and/or subject to auditing form I-9.
• What is an I-9 Form Audit?
An I-9 form audit is when ICE comes to your company to verify that it has complied with the rules of form I-9. Form I-9 confirms a worker's identity and authorization to work in the U.S. All U.S. employers must complete and file Form I-9 for each person they hire to work in the United States. This includes citizens and non-citizens.

Form I-9 requirements for the employer:
1. You must fill out an I-9 form for each new employee.
2. You must keep the I-9 form on file for 3 years after hiring it or 1 year after the worker's last day of work, whichever is later.
3. No may ask a worker to fill out the I-9 form more than once, unless his or her work permit is about to expire or he or she has another valid and legal reason.
4. No it is necessary to keep a copy of the worker's identity document or work authorization documents.

If the audit doesn't go well . . .
If ICE decides that you did not comply with the rules of Form I-9, you may receive:
1. An order to stop hiring people without a valid work permit.
2. Fines and civil and criminal penalties.

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This lawyer was amazing with helping me with my immigration process. him and his staff were just amazing. Thank you so much for everything . I would highly recommend.

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